Emmanuel Whajah is a videographer, photographer, and owner of Emzyproductionfilms. Born in Hanover Germany to Ghanian parents, his love of visual expression began at a young age. At just 13 years old, he was dancing professionally and winning 

Hip Hop competitions throughout Germany. 

Emmanuel’s first taste of production came when he stepped behind the camera to film videos for his dance group Mufume Crew. His work was well received and helped the dance crew gain traction on social media. 

The success of these productions inspired him to turn this new creative outlet into a career. 

In 2012, Emmanuel officially established Emzyproductionfilms, keeping his focus on creating artful and engaging dance videos. His career took off when filming an event featuring Les Twins, the duo who are famous for performing with Beyonce. Les Twins enjoyed his work so much, they asked him to join them on tour in Europe. This experience gave Emmanuel the opportunity to establish amazing connections in the dance, music, and film industries. 

Today, Emmanuel holds an impressive portfolio from working with celebrity clientele such as Rita Ora, Jorja Smith, Eric Bellinger, and Keke Palmer. Additionally, he’s worked with major brands such as Puma, Live Nation, and Universal Music Group. 

Relying on his intuitive knowledge of body language, Emmanuel has created an imaginative and unique style that allows him to stand out from the rest. He sets aside the usual scripting process and prefers fluid candid shots, creating honest, real, and vulnerable masterpieces. 

In addition to working with celebrities, Emmanuel dedicates his time to capturing the essence of the current global social justice movement. He uses his skill and talent to show the world truths hiding in plain sight. 

With years of experience in visual arts and a keen eye for movement and emotion, Emmanuel produces work that’s guaranteed to touch the hearts and minds of everyone who has the pleasure of viewing it.